Drunk Streamer Goes Viral and is Arrested

TwitchAddict March 18, 2021
Drunk Streamer Goes Viral and is Arrested

A drunk Twitch streamer went viral and got arrested after he caused a scene inside a sports store using the N-word. Employees were left with no choice and threw him out because of his bad behavior.

A video that was posted March 15th of a drunk streamer is now circulating in social media and it has now reached thousands of people. The video shows a racist streamer shouting and disrespecting workers and patrons of the store.

The streamer kept on shouting ‘Shut the fuck up’ and called a staff member of the store ‘Pussy ass, bitch (N-word). Another woman in the store saying that there are kids inside and they might hear him say it but he replied by saying he doesn’t give a fuck about those kids and said again the N-word. A man came rushing to him saying that he must leave the store but he said that he mustn’t be touched because he’s drunk. 

The streamer’s video fell down and you can only hear a sound where staff/security of the store kept asking him to leave and commonition in the background video. Minutes later, an employee picked up his streaming camera and said that “You are following a fucking loser”.

The racist stream still didn’t end there as he continued to scream and shout at the workers of the store.

Police officers were heard coming and soon arrested them. The video of the drunk streamer causing a scene in a store went viral and a lot of people expressed their thoughts in the comment section. One comment said that it was a satisfying arrest and some said that he deserves to be arrested knowing how racist he is.

Many hope that the streamer will face serious consequences because of his bad behavior.