Dream Tweets About Surgery

Rose Andres Amiel August 3, 2023
Dream Tweets About Surgery

One of the most well-known figures in the Minecraft community is Clay “Dream,” who has more than 30 million YouTube subscribers and over 6 million Twitch followers.

However, a recent post from his alternative account on the platform, which mentioned a “major surgery,” drove many followers into a frenzy. The maker of the popular video game Minecraft has a large global fan base. Although Clay is renowned for keeping his personal life private, his tweet about needing major surgery without offering any other information has understandably alarmed many of his fans. The complete tweet is as follows: “Terrible timing for major surgery”

Dream began his content producing career in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2019 that he eventually became well-known when his Minecraft YouTube videos went viral. Fans loved the popular Minecraft server that he and several other streamers played with during the pandemic, including TommyInnit, Technoblade, and others. The popular server in issue, Dream SMP, may have shut down a few weeks ago, but the YouTuber’s fans have stuck by him through a number of recent problems. The streamer most recently made headlines when he chose to honor Technoblade’s first death anniversary with a music video that included an artistic rendering of a coffin and a deathbed. The video received a lot of criticism, but many supporters backed him by pointing out that the maker had obtained Technoblade’s father’s consent.

Regarding the tweet announcing significant surgery, many of his followers found it rather irritating that he had made such a serious announcement without providing any additional explanation. A distressed Twitter user pleaded with the YouTuber to provide “a crumb of information” for his or her “worried fans”: “Please, a crumb of information and context for your worried fans”