Dr Disrespect Challenged Tfue

TwitchAddict November 6, 2021
Dr Disrespect Challenged Tfue

One of the most popular youtube personalities, Dr DisRespect is well-known for the challenges he offers to well-known streamers and gamers. The Two-Time has issued an Apex Legends challenge to Fortnite star Turner Tenney aka Tfue, the most recent talent to receive a #DocChallenge. Dr DisRespect is offering “a rare, fully framed, museum graded signed Doc vest” as a reward.

The last few #DocChallenges have been particularly notable, with Scump and TimTheTatman among the participants. Fans are naturally excited to see how this challenge plays out.

Tfue must win the next three Ranked matches he plays in Apex Legends with the most RP, according to Dr DisRespect’s challenge. If he succeeds, he’ll be awarded the rare #DocChallenge award: a framed, signed, museum-graded Doc vest. Tfue’s fans are excited for him to take on the task. However, the former Fortnite legend has yet to react to the Call of Duty star’s challenge.

Tfue’s followers believe he can easily complete the challenge, therefore it will be interesting to see if he takes it. However, there’s no denying that watching this challenge take on a life of its own would be nuts.