Disguised Toast’s Edgy Joke

Rose Andres Amiel November 15, 2022
Disguised Toast’s Edgy Joke

Disguised Toast is known for his sharp humor and biting wit. One of his distinctive characteristics as a Twitch streamer is this. The drawback is that it has also gotten him into trouble. 

The OfflineTV star admitted that he had actually lost a sponsorship agreement the week before as a result of an obscene joke he had recently made on one of his Twitch streams. During his stream on November 14th, he said, “I actually found out I lost the sponsorship the other day because I made a porn joke. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to lose any more sponsorship. But, I made a porn joke and one of my sponsors pulled out.”

He explicitly inquired about the offensiveness of his humor in reference to an edgy name he intended to use for his Hearthstone deck as a result of the issue. He said, “Let me ask you guys a question about edginess. Is it offensive if I call this deck, like, ‘Terrorist Warlock?’ Because it uses a lot of bombs. Because terrorists use bombs, right? Like, if you play CS:GO, the terrorist team, you know, puts the bomb down. But that’s not offensive. So, can I call this Terrorist Warlock?”

It can be an indication that Toast needs to hold his tongue a little bit more frequently than usual. After all, losing sponsors is kind of a huge deal, and if more sponsors do the same, it might set a trend. 

Though he is not a contentious streamer. On Twitch, Toast is regarded as one of the more ‘family friendly’ streamers. Although he occasionally swears and makes coarse jokes, his language is rarely controversial.