Disguised Toast Reveals Plan On His Valorant Team

Rose Andres Amiel February 22, 2023
Disguised Toast Reveals Plan On His Valorant Team

The proprietor of the Disguised VALORANT roster for North American Challengers has shared his time-tested strategy for entering the franchising industry. Disguised Toast, known as one of the largest streamers in the world, said his VALORANT team could eventually be partnered with developers Riot Games to compete in the Americas international league. The secret? Wait for the better teams to get into the league.

The one squad that is expected to earn promotion to the Americas partnered league through the Ascension tournament, he remarked on his Twitch show last night, “The good news is that if we don’t win then next year will be easier.” 

He explained, “For example, if The Guard wins this year, well next year we don’t have to play The Guard. If M80 wins the year after that, then next year we don’t have to play M80… eventually, any team that is better than us will be franchised.”

He is somewhat correct. The top team from the Americas Ascension will be eligible to play in the partnered league the next season, and this number will rise over the coming years. However, these Challengers teams that successfully gain entry into the partnered league only remain there for a short period of time before having to go through Challengers and Ascension once more. Hence, Disguised may have to compete against a top Challengers team in a few years, at the very least, if they don’t make it to Ascension. 

A South American or Latin American team may also succeed in qualifying for partnership compared to the North American teams. Ascension is the result of Challengers throughout the world, not only in North America.