Is Corpse Husband A Bachelor?

TwitchAddict November 11, 2020
Is Corpse Husband A Bachelor?

Corpse Husband is an Online Streamer known for his anonymity and his deep voice. He’s a content-creator on YouTube. He’s known for reading and creating scary stories. He doesn’t have a social life and really wants to keep his life in secrecy. No one knows what he does for a living, if he has a girlfriend or what he looks like. He once posted a strand of his hair on Instagram when he reached 1M followers.

He also gained popularity when he asked his viewers to not send an unreasonably high amount of donations.

Many are asking, is he in a relationship right now? He once got involved in an issue with his fellow streamer Sykkuno. Sykkuno is also a Streamer on YouTube and Twitch. They were allegedly seen flirting during one of their YouTube streams.

Corpse husband mentioned that he had a girlfriend. Everyone was curious about who it was or if it was even true. Corpse Husband also mentioned that he’s straight and that he is not afraid to say that when he finds another man attractive. Based on what he has said, he indeed does have a girlfriend.