Big Streamers React To Smaller Streamers

Ennan Zapanta June 2, 2022
Big Streamers React To Smaller Streamers

After criticizing lesser streamers’ attitudes toward larger streams and being unable to manage blowback, content creators xQc, Asmongold, and Nmplol have created waves across Twitch.

After influencer reporter Jake Lucky shared a video of Trainwreckstv giving former CS:GO pro GeT Right a sticker valued around $15,000, the incident erupted. ChocoTaco, a Twitch streamer and TSM partner, responded with a statement from Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard, insinuating Trainwreck’s gift was shady and calling him a “villain.” 

Trainwrecks slammed chocoTaco’s claim and the usage of the Picard quote in particular. All of the controversial gambling streamer’s sponsored programming is done “publicly, out loud, and transparently,” he said. 

Trainwreck’s response was harsh, calling chocoTaco “delusional” and “dumb,” and criticizing the streamer’s portrayal of him.

Following up on the first exchange, chocoTaco stated that he was receiving “toxics DMs and harassment on stream.” This follow-up tweet sparked a second round of reactions, attracting the attention and ire of other prominent Twitch streamers. 

Within the Twitter discussion, OTK co-founder and Twitch streamer Nmplol was the first to comment. Nmp blasted smaller broadcasters that attempt to take shots at larger creators, stating that he was unconcerned by the earlier conversation. He said; “I cannot stand when small streamers say shit to bigger streamers and the bigger streamer responds and they start crying about harassment from viewers. Hey bud, if you don’t wanna get stung, don’t poke the bee hive.”

On a later stream, Asmongold, another OTK member, supported Nmp, reiterating his position and criticizing lesser streamers who believe they are immune to harsh criticism. Asmongold said; “If you step up to anybody, expect them to respond. I hate this idea that some smaller streamers and content creators have that they should be able to say whatever they want and do whatever they want because the other person is bigger than they are, so they have some sense of moral immunity from retaliation.”

xQc, Twitch’s single largest individual streamer, agreed with Nmp’s claim, pulling up a video he calls the “ping pong phenomenon.” 

To explain the relevancy of the video, xQc said “if you tweet about somebody publicly about them personally… and they reply to you personally, you don’t get to cry wolf. It’s the rules of the jungle.” 

ChocoTaco and Trainwreck’s Twitter conversation has sparked heated debate among some of Twitch’s most popular streamers and their audiences. While many viewers and fellow streamers have criticized xQc, Asmongold, and Nmplol’s viewpoints, the three appear firm in their beliefs.