Asmongold Shares Thoughts About SunnyV2 Backlash

Rose Andres Amiel April 17, 2023
Asmongold Shares Thoughts About SunnyV2 Backlash

After YouTuber SunnyV2 posted a video on Chris Tyson’s most recent HRT revelation, Twitch star Asmongold expressed his exhaustion.

In a series of tweets on April 6, 2023, YouTuber Chris Tyson addressed gender rumors and stated he had started hormone replacement therapy two months earlier. Split opinions have been expressed in response to the revelation, with YouTuber SunnyV2 producing a video that led MrBeast to criticize the remarks. 

Asmongold, a popular Twitch streamer, added his criticism of the “exhausting” content creators who have “nothing better to do than mald” about others. April 14, 2023, posted SunnyV2’s video in which he claims Chris Tyson will be a “nightmare” for MrBeast’s business was screenshotted by Asmongold. He questioned, “How is it that people have nothing better to do than micromanage and mald about the lifestyles of content creators. It’s exhausting how opinionated internet users are about the personal lives of people they’ll never meet. Holy f*ck.”

He is not the first Twitch broadcaster to respond to criticism of Chris’ choice, as many others have used their platforms to stand up for the YouTuber. A recent TikTok video by Twitch streamer F1NN5TER called out creators who use jokes and phony screenshots of texts to “fuel hate” against MrBeast, Chris, and his family. 

Chris doesn’t need my defense, but are you sure you can’t tell that this is all a joke? said he. Chris’ transition has clearly affected MrBeast’s opinions, as he stated that “[a]ll this transphobia is starting to piss me off.” Asmongold can now be added to the list of creators who are angry about this issue.