Asmongold Not Quitting Twitch

Ennan Zapanta January 22, 2022
Asmongold Not Quitting Twitch

Asmongold has no plans to “quit” becoming a Twitch streamer in the future. Though he’s thought about it on occasion, the platform’s MMORPG phenom revealed that he can’t seem to get away from the internet.

Asmon announced in August 2021 that he was considering quitting Twitch. He’d had enough of being a streamer, and he’d had enough of being a streamer. He was also suffering from mental health concerns, so he took a hiatus for a while. He unfortunately lost his mother due to ongoing health difficulties a few months after returning and took another break. On his second channel, however, he made an impressive return, and he’s been there ever since.

Asmon addressed his followers on January 21st that he still thinks about resigning from time to time. He did say, though, that he’ll “never really quit” and that he’ll always be active in some manner in the creation of content. 

Instead of quitting, he said he’d concentrate more on creating OTK content stating; “I can’t imagine a world where I’m not making content.” 

But it doesn’t mean he hasn’t considered it as he added; “Whenever I’m not happy with my stream, or I’m not happy with something, I always think about quitting.”

He can’t bring himself to do it, however. “I never actually think to myself that I’m actually really done. I always think to myself that I am just taking a break or whatever. Because I can never really quit.”

Asmongold has already spoken up about the tragic reasons he started streaming in the first place, as well as the fact that if he weren’t a streamer, he’d “probably do nothing” if he didn’t. 

This does not, however, imply that he will continue to use the same platform.