Asmongold Looking Forward To Play Valheim Mistlands

Rose Andres Amiel November 24, 2022
Asmongold Looking Forward To Play Valheim Mistlands

On February 2, 2021, the open-world survival game Valheim was published, and it quickly amassed a sizable fan base in addition to receiving a lot of positive press.

Asmongold is one of these enthusiasts, and when he saw the new Valheim Mistlands update trailer yesterday, he couldn’t hold back his excitement. However, the top Twitch streamer has one limitation. Asmongold discovered the brand-new trailer for Valheim’s impending Mistlands update in the middle of his November 22nd Twitch broadcast. The Twitch star was astounded by the brand-new features shown in the sneak look and quickly expressed how eager he was to play Valheim once more. 

Asmongold said; “Oh my god. What the fuck this is badass, holy shit. Look at this, wow. Bro, I didn’t think it was gonna be that good, holy fuck that’s so cool. I’m a huge Valheim fan, absolutely love the game, played it constantly on release. I got every trophy in the game, I beat every boss… crafted every weapon, leveled every weapon up, I had fucking everything, man. I love this game. So yes, I 100 percent will play this.”

Asmongold is excited about the new Mistlands expansion, but he has one complaint. One of the few criticisms of Valheim, like many fans of the popular Iron Gate Studio game, is the absence of new content. Since its initial release, the game has only had one significant upgrade, called Hearth & Home, which came out in September 2021 and added a ton of new features and content. 

But many fans, Asmongold included, believe it has been far too long since that update, which is now more than a year old. Asmongold responded to the trailer by sharing his sole gripe with Valheim, partly to allay the suspicions of the viewers in his Twitch chat that he was being paid to promote the game. 

Asmongold said; “You know what else they should do, just in case you guys think it’s actually an ad? Not take fucking one year to bring this out. This should’ve been out last year.”

Asmongold has high appreciation for Valheim, but his main complaint with the formerly well-liked game is that there isn’t enough new material to appreciate. The wait for Mistlands will sadly continue with no clear end in sight because the information contained in this most recent video is limited to the fact that public testing for the update has started.