Asmongold Is Most Watched Streamer

Ennan Zapanta June 5, 2022
Asmongold Is Most Watched Streamer

Asmongold has been the most popular Twitch streamer in recent weeks as a result of his reactions to the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial, piling up some incredible figures.

The defamation trial between movie stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has dominated the internet since the middle of April, with nearly everyone weighing in with their thoughts on the proceedings. Many of Twitch’s biggest personalities used it as part of their daily broadcast, spending hours upon hours watching the court proceedings unfold and then viewing expert replies for added legal insight. There were, however, many critics of the practice. 

With the jury’s decision in Depp’s favor on June 1st, streamers have had to move on from the trial, but it’s been a hugely profitable moment for some – with Asmongold emerging as the biggest winner of the group. The MMO streamer, who is usually seen playing Last Fantasy or World of Warcraft, put in a lot of time during the defamation trial’s final days, and as a result, he became the site’s most popular streamer. 

According to SullyGnome’s statistics, Asmon’s streams have racked up over 12 million hours of watch time since May 20th, which is about 400,000 hours more than xQc, who is in second position for the same span. In addition, he had over 117,000 views on average, which was only surpassed by LCK and PGL, both of which were streaming significant Esports events. Upon the conclusion of the trial, however, he outperformed everyone else’s numbers, with a peak audience of around 450,000 viewers.

The MMO streamer will most certainly maintain his position at the top for a little time, but anticipate him to be dethroned soon. Because of the way Twitch operates, a new’meta’ will emerge soon, and those who were early adopters will soar to the top – even if only for a short time.