Amouranth Retirement Plan

Rose Andres Amiel March 14, 2023
Amouranth Retirement Plan

If you’re concerned about not having a retirement plan, Amouranth recently shared hers. Perhaps this can ease your concerns.

Fans of Amouranth and xQc have been delighted by the recent appearances of the pair in numerous Youtube videos. The two got together for a special podcast, with xQc resuming the well-known program. Fans have been waiting for this project for a while, and Felix has been looking for the right moment to restart. And what could be more appropriate than to invite the ASMR Queen herself? Amouranth was therefore the guest on the IRL streamer’s two-part podcast.

Amouranth discussed business-related themes in the first episode, but the second one focused heavily on her personal life. She discussed there what kept her going and what inspired her. Fans’ attention was drawn to a particular section of the film, though, where Amo was heard discussing retirement. Felix asked the Twitch Queen a crucial question as the two became friends over some sizzling wings. Considering the development of content, he inquired about her retirement plans. Even if Amouranth chooses a different path in life, content creation might always be a subsidy because she is one of the most prolific artists in the planet. 

Amouranth answers his question saying; “I think I’m waiting for my passive income to kind of catch up to at least making about the same as my active income like my investments and stuff.”

Amo is mentioning her assets in the stock market, 7-11, Circle-K, and other businesses to provide some additional context for people who are unaware. It would take a very long time for them to pay up considering that she makes almost a million dollars per month. She continued, “Otherwise it’s like I feel like I’m wasting my potential.” 

The OnlyFans star also made a hint towards an early retirement. She asserted that the following five to 10 years will be the turning point because they may hold the secret to an early retirement.