A Dr Disrespect YouTube Milestone

Ennan Zapanta July 6, 2022
A Dr Disrespect YouTube Milestone

Less than two years after receiving a shocking Twitch ban that prevented him from streaming on the Amazon website where he first gained notoriety for his gaming, Dr. Disrespect has reached a major milestone on YouTube, amassing more than four million followers—or rather, “four billion,” according to the Doc.

In June 2020, the two-time champion had only 90 million YouTube subscribers when he was banned from Twitch. On the website, he mostly posted highlight reels. He has added 310 million more followers in just two years. 

The Doc didn’t have a timer, countdown, or other elaborate celebration for the achievement either, in typical Dr. Disrespect style. In contrast to other Twitch or YouTube streamers, who would have made a show about reaching the monster mark, the two-time champion kept his July 5 stream focused solely on playing Warzone. 

When the achievement was acknowledged, he was prepared with a joke from YouTube. 

The two-time replied with a touch of sarcasm, “Yeah, it’s been incredible. Last few years, to get all that YouTube support, it’s been absolutely amazing.” 

Over the past two years, the bodysuit-clad, spectacled streamer has become infamous for clashing with the YouTube Gaming executives. In order to express his unhappiness, Dr Disrespect even went so far as to unfollow media accounts in May. He feels that the Google-owned website provides “little” to help creators. 

Dr. Disrespect stated, “For YouTube Gaming to really support me with everything here on the platform. is just really amazing. It’s been an absolute run, really!”