xQc To Host ‘Juiced’

Rose Andres Amiel September 28, 2022
xQc To Host ‘Juiced’

Thanks to Ludwig’s creative agency “Offbrand,” xQc will be hosting his own Nickelodeon-inspired program called “Juiced,” which will debut on September 30, 2022.

Over the past few years, a ton of content producers have started hosting their own unique events, with Ludwig and QTCinderella coordinating a wide range of top-notch events. Ludwig even went so far as to start “Offbrand,” a creative firm whose mission is to support other designers in planning their own events. Almost a year after hinting that he was working on a studio-based program, they disclosed in the announcement that their first customer is xQc, who will be hosting a Nickelodeon-inspired show called “Juiced” starting on September 30.

Offbrand disclosed that they have already created their first television series, Juiced, which will be hosted by Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, in an exclusive story from The Washington Post. The six-part show, which will debut on September 30, will feature couples competing against one another in real-world trivia and physical challenges.

The show, which draws its influence from classic Nickelodeon programs from the 1990s like Double Dare and Figure It Out, will even show the losers being “Juiced” by a green-slime substance. Even a giant replica of the Twitch star’s nose has been built for the stuff to come out of. 

It is safe to presume that the program will air on xQc’s own Twitch channel, just like Ludwig’s Mogul Money and other events have in the past, even though this hasn’t been confirmed.