xQc Talks About Twitch Transformation

Rose Andres Amiel May 9, 2023
xQc Talks About Twitch Transformation

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, a Twitch celebrity, claims that the site is now known for its sexual content because it allows categories to be “flipped” in response to events like the hot tub meta.

Twitch streamers and viewers have frequently criticized the platform over the past few years for doing nothing to stop the spread of inappropriate content on the site. Twitch did make a new category for hot tubs when the meta began to take off back in 2021, the appropriately called Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches, but that only saw the streamers who had previously held the Just Chatting section transfer over there without modifying their content. 

While they aren’t permitted to directly promote it on Twitch, a handful of streamers also produce content on websites like OnlyFans and Fansly, according to xQc, giving the streaming service an adult image. The YouTube video had OnlyFans models discussing their earnings in comparison to other producers, and the Twitch star was responding to it. One of the candidates in the video mentioned that they also stream on Twitch, which prompted xQc to send a message to any Twitch management that might have been there.

He said; “Oh man, Twitch got thrown under the bus like that. Ay yo Twitch exectuvies, you hear that? Are you happy? That’s what happens when the categories get flipped and then sh*t becomes so popular, it’s like the gateway. I go and people say ‘What do you do? I play games. Where? Twitch. They say ‘Oh so you play games with your c*ck out? You play games naked?’ and that’s just weird now.”

Several streamers have previously been banned for wearing scant clothing, but these bans are usually short-lived. The longest non-permanent ban, which was invalidated against Indiefoxx, was also lifted. Some of these streamers have also moved to Kick, where the policies regarding adult content seem even more lax.