xQc Take On Kim Kardashian

Rose Andres Amiel March 9, 2023
xQc Take On Kim Kardashian

As North West received criticism for dressing up as rapper Ice Spice in a string of since-deleted videos, xQc criticized Kim Kardashian for allowing her kid to have a TikTok account. 

Since at least a year ago, when North West’s father Kanye West criticized his ex-wife Kim Kardashian for allowing their now nine-year-old daughter to use the TikTok app, the account has been a source of controversy. More recently, North West faced criticism for dressing up as the well-known rapper Ice Spice in a number of videos that were later removed from the platform. The youngster was criticized for “going too far,” and Kim Kardashian was also criticized for letting her daughter dress up as a rapper known for her sexual lyrics. Although it’s unknown who erased the videos, many fans are making the assumption that Kim did it because of the negative reaction. 

The newest well-known figure to weigh in on the topic is Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel. He addressed the subject in a recent live broadcast while viewing a Jubilee video with his followers that asked high school students about how they felt about their social media presence. 

He said; “I know it’s some f*cking pop culture type shit, yo, what is up with Kim Kardashian letting her child go absolutely f*cking wild on TikTok and sh*t? F*ck is that about, man? Yo, stein, I hate to say sh*t like this, Kanye was right. Not about some of this sh*t that he’s said recently, but about the things he said before that in relation to this topic. Sorry about that.”

While being quite clear that he disagrees with Kanye’s anti-semitic remarks, xQc seems to support the rapper’s position on his daughter having a TikTok account. It’s not the first time that North’s TikTok videos have gone viral; in a previous video that has millions of views, the young star was famous for dressing up as her father.