xQc Reacts To Bella Poarch

Ennan Zapanta December 18, 2021
xQc Reacts To Bella Poarch

Felix “xQc” Lengyel doesn’t understand TikTok, or at least why Bella Poarch is so popular.

TikTok has grown to be one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, with several TikTok stars becoming famous in 2020 for their POVs, lip-synching, and participation in TikTok “challenges.” It’s commonly believed that older people won’t understand the appeal of TikTok.

xQc, a well-known Twitch streamer, was born in 1995, making him a member of the Millennial generation. Because xQc is close in age to Gen Z but not a “Zoomer,” it’s possible that he was quick to evaluate TikTok star Bella Poarch in a recent Twitch stream. 

Bella Poarch was one of the most popular TikTok influencers in 2020. She currently has a following of approximately 86.3 million people. Bella Poarch sprang to fame by making cute faces and bobbing her head to music, but she has since expanded her TikTok career to include other famous TikTok trends, as well as successful music and fashion careers. However, xQc, who isn’t hesitant to criticize other content creators, believes Bella Poarch’s TikTok content, which is where she garnered the majority of her initial fan base, is still missing.

xQc decided to react to some of Bella Poarch’s Tik Tok on December 17th. Throughout this segment of his stream, xQc appeared perplexed. xQc looked at his viewers in surprise after viewing footage of Bella Poarch appearing to only stand with a cropped t-shirt on and rotating the camera to different positions. “This is it?” he exclaimed.

As a result of her nipples being partially visible through the t-shirt, viewers joked that Bella Poarch’s video received 60 million views, claiming that “booba” gets a lot of views.

However, xQc quickly shifted to a video of Bella Poarch in a big fall jacket. Bella Poarch rushes across the crosswalk while the iconic Squid Games theme plays in the TikTok. She then goes completely still. She then begins to dance for a few seconds to a popular rap tune. xQc ranted; “Guys, what the f–k? I don’t understand! That’s insane! Where’s the content, bruh? What the f— am I looking at? I thought she made more content, I’m telling you. Dude, I’m not laughing.”

A fan wanted to show xQc the video that made Bella Poarch famous in the first place. Bella Porch is seen in the video nodding her head to “M to the B,” lip-syncing the basic lyrics and keeping her eyes closed and expressionless. It has now been viewed over 650 million times.

The numbers completely astounded xQc. Bella Poarch has earned a name for herself due to her unique appearance, fashionable attire, and engaging demeanor, while her audience seemed equally entertained by the limited content attracting so many views. She’s also tried with music, modeling, and other endeavors recently.

The original footage is, of course, still extremely shocking. While many of her followers describe the video as “addictive” and “satisfying,” the content is certainly minimal. 

xQc clarified that he wasn’t attempting to offend Bella Poarch. He was astounded by what she was able to accomplish with such little effort. xQc looked even more puzzled as to why these types of videos were gaining so much traction on TikTok.