xQc Might Be Banned From Twitch

Rose Andres Amiel November 23, 2022
xQc Might Be Banned From Twitch

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, a well-known streamer, may face a ban from Twitch after sharing a few FIFA World Cup video with his live audience while he was away from the computer.

Although xQc has previously experienced Twitch bans, the prospective ban stemming from this stream might be caused by YouTube autoplay rather than the well-known streamer’s particular conduct. 

During a livestream on November 21st, xQc stepped away from his computer just as a YouTube video was about to end. This caused the autoplay countdown to decrease to 0 before starting the next video. 

Since the commencement of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar on November 20th, xQc has seen a variety of FIFA-related materials with his live audience. Even while livestreaming may be legal for some of these videos, YouTube autoplayed certain important highlights from England’s match versus Iran, which could result in a DMCA strike against xQc’s account given the website’s policies. The FOX soccer clip that the well-known streamer left on was replaced by highlights from a match between Germany and Brazil in 2014 when xQc’s Twitch stream turned into a chair livestream while he was absent for a bit.

The biggest moments from Germany’s victory were shown in full during these highlights, which prompted a new countdown to the more current England vs. Iran game from Qatar. The platform may take down the broadcast or possibly suspend xQc from Twitch once more for streaming the content despite being away when the highlights were played due to how timely the England vs. Iran Qatar match is. 

Twitch has already banned xQc several times, notably in 2021 when he was broadcasting NBC Olympic Events content that was copyright protected like broadcasts of the FIFA games. A streamer is “responsible for ensuring” that they have the rights to stream copyrighted content on their channels, which xQc might not have obtained prior to the FIFA highlights playing out for his live audience, in accordance with the Twitch requirements. 

It’s unknown whether xQc will be suspended for this incident or if the Amazon platform will overlook it given the YouTube autoplay at the conclusion of videos, despite the fact that the well-known streamer has continued to use the platform since his FIFA highlight gaffe. 

Some xQc viewers used the intermissions between videos to thank the well-liked Twitch streamer, but others spotted the writing on the wall and frantically alerted the content producer to the possibility of suspension. 

While many Twitch viewers found amusement in the FIFA highlights and xQc’s error in airing them, other viewers just delighted in the random use of the Skype ringtone.