xQc Goes All Out

TwitchAddict October 2, 2021
xQc Goes All Out

In a youtube video titled “I Cheated on Adept…”, Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc has shared clips of himself having a bit too much fun as seen in the video that the streamers were all chilling at the house, drinking and playing games, when xQc kissed two of his fellow streamers.

All of the streamers were chilling in their PJs and drinking at what appeared to be a fairly wild pajama party. They started playing a game called ‘Do or Drink,’ in which the broadcasters had to do some strange things. TSM Myth, for example, had to name ten candy bars while xQc perched on his head poking him.

Austin had to spin around for a long time and then walk straight for one of these dares. He had to make out with whatever he came into contact with, whether it was an object or a person. Austin chose a tiny kiss over a full-fledged kiss, and the other streamers agreed. He ended up pointing at xQc, and the two streamers kissed briefly while xQc’s girlfriend, Adept, sat back giggling.

And when Ludwig was asked to pick someone in the room with “big d**k energy,” xQc received yet another kiss from him.

xQc appeared satisfied with the intimate moments he shared with his companions, as seen by his Twitter post captioning: “I JUST KISSED 2 HANDSOME MALES”. The streamers appeared to be having a good time at the party, as they were even wearing face masks on each other.