xQc Encouraged Super to Quit OWL

TwitchAddict October 8, 2021
xQc Encouraged Super to Quit OWL

After seeing how much money Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi was making following the Twitch leak, former Overwatch League pro and top streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel pushed him to quit.

The profits of Twitch’s top streamers were revealed on October 6 as a result of a large data breach at the Amazon-owned platform. While xQc came in second place overall with a whopping $8 million, Super came in 198th position with just under $600,000. Following the disclosure, a now-defunct website appeared, allowing users to look up specific streamers and see where they ranked on the earnings “leaderboard.”

After finding Super on the list, Lengyel couldn’t help but giggle before asking the Overwatch League player when he plans to retire from esports and focus on broadcasting full-time.

He exclaimed; “I’m not here to make financial advice or whatever, but even if you are overpaid in the Overwatch League, it’s not worth it, dude! When are you going to quit, dude?”

The salary of Overwatch League players are never revealed, however the minimum contract for the 2022 season is set at $50,700. This does not include prize money from tournaments or other accolades, which Super has won numerous times.

During his own broadcast, Super reacted to xQc’s statements, but refused to reply on the matter, saying, “if I speak I’m in big trouble.”

If Super follows xQc’s suggestion and quits OWL to focus on streaming full-time, there’s a high chance he’ll make a lot more money. He’ll also have more time and freedom to stream because he won’t have to practice or scrim with a team.