xQc Dad Gives Him A Call

Ennan Zapanta May 10, 2022
xQc Dad Gives Him A Call

After hearing xQc’s statements about being ‘addicted’ to gambling, his father checked in on him during a wholesome phone call in the middle of a Twitch live.

xQc was in the midst of a stream when his father called him unexpectedly. He said; “Dad, I’m on stream right now. What’s up?”

He had no idea that his father had a lot on his mind, and he told him so. His father responded stating; “What do you mean what’s up?”

xQc immediately knew what he was referring to and played it down. He said; “Stop. Stop. Yeah, I lost some money yesterday. What about it? I lose money sometimes. It happens.”

His father then said; “You’re my little boy! Are you okay? On a scale of one to a hundred, how are you feeling? Do I have to worry? Because your gambling losses made me worry!”

xQc’s father also said that when he first saw the articles, he was riding his bike and planning to board the first jet to LA, which perplexed xQc, who asked why. He responded, saying: “Because I love you!”

When xQc consented to join in the poker event, he convinced him that everything was great and that he understood what he was doing. He said; “It’s a lot of money, but it was for fun. I knew what I was getting into.”

He also advised his father to quit reading news articles about him in the media and instead ask him about such matters. His father agreed, expressed his love for him once again, and the conversation came to an end. It was a sweet moment between father and son, and it provided a rare peek into streamers’ everyday lives and relationships with their families when they aren’t streaming. This time, however, it was caught on camera.