xQc Calls Out LowTierGod

Rose Andres Amiel May 25, 2023
xQc Calls Out LowTierGod

During the most recent episode of Matthew “Mizkif’s” well-known game show, Parasocial, Twitch streamers Felix “xQc” and Dalauan “LowTierGod” got into a heated argument.

Everything began when Team Athletes was crowned the victor against Team Nerds. LowTierGod used the chance to discuss why he believed that being a “hybrid” of an athlete and nerd was advantageous. xQc interrupted Dalauan before he could continue his sentence and yelled: “Yet you’re broke as f**k, and I’m f**king rich, b**ch a**! It doesn’t pay for s**t, b**ch! F**k you!”

At the two-hour point of Mizkif’s webcast, the winners of the season finale of Parasocial were revealed. The streamer then enquired as to LowTierGod’s thoughts, to which the latter responded: “Let’s f**king go! Let’s go! It pays to be both, a hybrid of athlete and, you know, nerd and… (EsfandTV joins the conversation and concurs with LowTierGod’s sentiments). It pays to be a hybrid. You’ve got to be athletic because you’re using more muscle twitch fiber…”

The French-Canadian character interrupted him at this moment and said something about being wealthy. Upon hearing this, Mizkif stoked the flames by saying: “Don’t take that from him! Are you kidding me?” LowTierFelix was made fun of by God when he said that he doesn’t “eat toenails”: “I don’t chew on my f**king toes, all right? But you are not happy.”

xQc responds saying; “All right. All right. You got me there. Nope, I’m miserable.”

LowTierGod didn’t stop there; he also mentioned that xQc had gone to see a Los Angeles Lakers game that they had lost. The latter said that he had “purchased an experience”: “You know what? I bought an experience and I got one! The same way I can expense when your mom puts her lips on my f**king d**k, b**ch!”