xQc Answers GTA RP Backlash

TwitchAddict October 15, 2021
xQc Answers GTA RP Backlash

After being accused of being misogynistic after making multiple “stripper” remarks about a female Twitch streamer roleplaying as a cop on the game’s No Pixel server, popular twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc has responded.

Twitch streamer xQc is well-known in both the GTA RP and Twitch communities, with the star streamer frequently attracting the ire — and bans — of the roleplaying fans for his outrageous gaming actions.

The lobby has been plagued by controversy since the No Pixel server debuted in February this year, with xQc and his army of Twitch followers frequently smack-bang in the midst. Bans, feuds with other high-profile roleplayers, and even the formation of a new white-listed server are among them. Some, however, fear he’s gone too far this time.

xQc’s “misogynistic” insults directed towards fellow Twitch star Wolfabelle, who was portraying a cop at the time, have enraged the GTA RP community.

The incident in question occurred while xQc’s primary character, Jean Paul, was imprisoned. The Twitch star has been arrested several times for his antics, and this time was no exception. While being held captive, xQc — playing Jean Paul — got into a furious confrontation with Wolfabelle’s cop character and her partner. xQc had run over Wolfabelle’s character and was trying to get out of the charge when he pronounced her to be a “bimbo” who didn’t understand the game.

He exclaimed, “Oh my god, you actually are… You’re a bimbo. Really, you’re so brain dead. Why don’t you go to VU [a strip club in No Pixel called “Vanilla Unicorn”] and do what you do best?” 

After this, his words sparked outrage in the GTA RP community. While much of what xQc said was probably “in character” in the No Pixel world, many roleplayers and server fans thought they were wildly off the mark.

Now, during a recent live broadcast, Twitch streamer xQc addressed the situation, justifying his use of terms like “bimbo” and his requests for Wolfabelle’s character to work at the strip club, and claimed that the controversy is the result of “double standards.” 

Here’s what he said; “People are calling me an incel unironically, after I said she should get a job at VU, a GTA strip club, saying that I should get banned by saying that. They’re saying, ‘Oh my god, misogyny!’ I’m just confused. I feel bad, but also why can’t you insult a woman without it being misogynistic? I don’t understand. You insult somebody, it should be even across the field. Now, because it’s a woman, is it something else? This doesn’t make any sense. Jokes are for everyone, and I think that this is just double standards.” 

However, xQc’s reaction did little to calm the storm. Fans pointed out that the Twitch star had only made rude comments to Wolfabelle, not her male boyfriend, in a series of Reddit postings. Others simply referred to it as “such a poor argument” that was “totally misogynistic.”