xQc and Disguised Toast on Crab Game

TwitchAddict November 2, 2021
xQc and Disguised Toast on Crab Game

A clip of twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc outsmarting Jeremy Wang aka Disguised Toast during a game of Crab Game is presently going viral. The two competed in a suspenseful game of tag, with the winner taking home the entire match and $27 million in prize money. Many people laughed when they saw a disguised Toast pursuing xQc for about a minute.

On November 1, 2021, a large group of streamers gathered to play many games of Crab Game, a new Steam game that is presently gaining popularity. The game’s trailer, which featured over-the-top and inaudible voice lines as well as perplexing visuals, was an instant favorite with the streaming community.

Disguised Toast, xQc, xChocobars, and Sykkuno among many others from other Twitch communities, were among the streamers spotted in the lobby.

xQc and Disguised Toast were the final two players to get to the final stage after a lengthy and difficult duel. The final mini-game was a deadly game of tag in which one player was strapped to a bomb and the other had to escape being delivered the bomb, or becoming “it” as it’s known in tag terminology.

The bomb was delivered to Disguised Toast, and his mission was to chase xQc around the tiny map in an attempt to pass it to him. The room included a lot of hurdles and various blocks to climb over, which prompted Wang to fall behind after a little blunder. Disguised Toast, who had seemingly accepted his destiny, can be heard pleading his case in the background as xQc runs away with ease while laughing: “Please! Please, I need the money.”

Toast tried to catch up, but xQc zoomed in circles over the map, making for an absurdly amusing sight for viewers. After a few seconds, his character could be heard exploding. xQc won the match and $27 million in-game, as expected.

The Crab Game lobby was set up by Sykkuno, who had messaged a large number of people, asking if they were interested in playing.