Will xQc Be Banned From NoPixel GTA RP?

TwitchAddict July 24, 2021
Will xQc Be Banned From NoPixel GTA RP?

Twitch star Felix Lengyel aka xQc responds to the fans who wanted him to be banned from the NoPixel GTA RP server again because of his recent altercation with a server police officer where he used some language which fans didn’t seem to like.

xQc received a permanent ban from the NoPixel GTA RP server back in May and the reason was because of his ‘rude’ behavior towards other roleplayers on the server, especially to the police officers. Eventually, he managed to return to the server and was unbanned from his permanent ban.

Since his return, xQc has stated that he will do his best to stay out of trouble and even suggested that he might cut back on streaming GTA RP altogether, opting to play off-stream. Sadly, things got out of hand and xQc once again found himself in hot water during one of his recent streams. During the said stream, he failed to evade police following a bank heist.

He disagreed with the charges put on him by the police officers and continued to call one of them a “bitch” which caused a stir with fellow roleplayers and his viewers. Because of this, some viewers suggested that xQc should be banned again for what he said and how he acted. Twitch streamer xQc was quick to respond and lashed out at his viewers, revealing that police officers, too, call him all sorts of names when he messes up.

Here’s what he said; “Lucky you’re not banned? What do you mean banned, for saying bitch? Dude, the cops call me a bunch of names all the time though.When I do dumb s**t and I’m being annoying to them, they call me a bunch of stupid ass names because I’m being a dumbass and they’re calling me out for it. That’s fine! If you act like a bitch, I say hey man, you’re being kind of a bitch. I don’t understand the problem with it.”

While some viewers might want him to be banned, it’s unlikely that’ll happen for this exchange.