Wilbur Soot And Technoblade

Ennan Zapanta November 24, 2021
Wilbur Soot And Technoblade

One of the most well-known Minecraft streamers is Wilbur Soot. He is well-known for his role-playing on the Dream SMP server and the SMP Earth server in Minecraft. Wilbur Soot recently traveled to the United States and is looking forward to seeing all of his fellow Minecraft streamers in the United States, especially Technoblade.

Tubbo, another well-known Minecraft streamer, planned his long-awaited journey to the United States around a month ago. Wilbur Soot also posted a surprise photo of himself in the United States a few days ago. Many of his fans were ecstatic to learn that another of their favorite streamers was joining him on the trip. 

Wilbur Soot streamed on Twitch and talked with his followers during his quarantine. He also mentioned his wish to meet Technoblade and his desire to visit the United States. Wilbur Soot interacted with his viewers while broadcasting. He stated that he wants to have a good time and learn about the city and culture. He indicated that he was in the United States primarily to work and meet influencers, but that he also wanted to vibe. He also discusses his desire to meet his YouTube heroes in the United States. 

The Minecraft streamer afterwards compared Los Angeles to the GTA San Andreas map, pointing out how similar some locations are. He made a joke about the Observatory, which appears in the game as well. His fans began to inquire about his meeting with Technoblade. They were eager to find out if their two favorite streamers would be able to meet up. Wilbur Soot highlighted how his medical condition influences his decision. In the video, he says: “It’s one of those things where, medically, if his doctor says it’s fine. If his doctor says it’s okay for us to meet in a nice and open area I would absolutely love to do the drive.”

Technoblade was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. As a result of his limitations, he may not be able to attend a meet-up. Wilbur Soot knows his friend’s predicament and does not wish to pressurize him in any way. He claims that if he is not medically fit enough, he will not take any additional risks.