Veibae Lashes Out At Viewer

Rose Andres Amiel January 30, 2023
Veibae Lashes Out At Viewer

After receiving an explicit message from a thirsty “parasocial” Sodapoppin viewer on stream, Twitch Vtuber star Veibae called them out.

Throughout the past few months, there have been a number of links made between Veibae and streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris. An irate Veibae fan sent a scathing email about her relationship with Soda and how it was allegedly lowering the quality of her streams, and there were rumors that they were dating after clicking in Twitch streamer Mizkif’s show Parasocial.

There were also rumors that they might have been getting married for visa reasons. Their encounters have frequently been observed by the public. She reacted angrily when a user in the Twitch chat asked a question regarding Soda that she remembered them asking before. 

When the concerned viewer asked her about her preferred “position,” she said, “You are a f***ing freak.” She would then check the chat history for the account and display a previous question they had asked, “you don’t have to answer… but did Soda’s d*** fit in a toilet roll?” 

Veibae continued by referring to him as the usual Soda viewer and even questioned in her Twitch chat whether the viewer was from Soda’s stream or her own. Many people may be observed spamming “parasocial” on Veibae’s chat. In creator spaces during the past few years, the concept of parasocial connections with Twitch streamers has received a lot of discussion. Relationships like these occur when a streamer and viewer develop a one-sided psychological attachment. Basically, when a streamer and audience sense a strong emotional bond that is not reciprocated.

Even while both Veibae and Soda treated the email from an upset fan rather lightly, it’s evident that Veibae moved quickly to end any prospect of a parasocial relationship developing after it was shown.