Valkyrae Speaks About Why She Quit Twitch

Rose Andres Amiel November 21, 2022
Valkyrae Speaks About Why She Quit Twitch

Livestreaming is become a common kind of entertainment, and many people try their luck at it.

YouTube and Twitch are now the two most popular livestreaming websites. There has been competition between the two as each tries to entice the top streamer to their own platforms. The trains have altered thanks to streamers like Dr Disrespect, IShowSpeed, and Valkyrae.

One of the top female streamers is Rachell Hofstetter, best known by her stage name Valkyrae. She became more well-known in 2019 thanks to her video game material. She startled everyone by leaving Twitch and getting an exclusive contract with YouTube the next year, though. Hofstetter is currently the #1 female YouTube streamer and broadcasts on the red platform. Fans continue to ponder the 30-year-decision old’s to leave Twitch in favor of YouTube after more than two years. She could have been a prominent Twitch streamer after all, as several of her friends continued to stream on the purple platform. However, she just opened up about her motivation for joining YouTube.

A viewer asked during a live stream; “Why don’t you stream on Twitch?” Valkyrae quickly answered, “I have a contract with YouTube.”

But she soon gave a sly hint that the transition might happen because of a better offer from YouTube, as she said, “I’m sorry, I was thinking about the bag.” 

Rae has previously discussed her reasons for leaving YouTube, though. She made a video two years ago in which she gave the hefty deal as her justification for accepting the offer. She even admitted that she chose the alternative that offered her more financial security because she was reliant on her mother and she had lost her job. Being a popular YouTube streamer, one thing Valkyrae is frequently asked is how much money she makes. She posted a video a few months back in which she was questioned about her wealth. The 30-year-old then recalled searching for this information in an earlier video and discovering that it was 1.5 million, which was erroneous. 

She reportedly couldn’t obtain an accurate response when she Googled her net worth once more. “Just know that the ones on Google are not accurate,” she said in closing. However, we can be certain that her net worth is higher than $1.5 million. She is one of the largest broadcasters on the platform and has several brand collaborations.