Twitch Through The Eyes Of Saudi Female Streamers

TwitchAddict October 3, 2021
Twitch Through The Eyes Of Saudi Female Streamers

In the Kingdom, e-gamers are on the rise, and Saudi female gamers are catching up to their male counterparts in terms of skill sets and tenacity.

Girls are becoming more interested in e-gaming. Saudi female gamers are making a strong showing on this platform, achieving high rankings and attracting a large audience.

Several Saudi women spoke to Arab News about their experiences on the platform. Catspawgirl is a dedicated gamer who streams for five hours every day and has been playing Apex Legends and Overwatch since 2019.

Saudi streamer, Pikaloli, explained that there is no set monthly amount of money to be made on Twitch; it all depends on how many people interact with the stream and how many people watch it.

To begin a Twitch account, Catspawgirl explained that you must first have a PC or console, as well as a desire to stream.

Catspawgirl mentioned having a unique appeal to draw in the audience.

She advised girls interested in entering the Twitch world to interact with their viewers rather than remain silent.

Pikaloli has a different way of attracting an audience: she uses computer graphics and motion capture software technology to create a virtual avatar.

“I don’t want to show my face, and I strive to be exceptional as a content creator, so I decided to appear as a virtual character that mimics my movements and facial expressions.”

She began streaming in 2018 and now has over 145k followers. She has aided and supported other female gamers in their quest for greater skill sets.

“I understand that getting started can be difficult due to social challenges, but acceptance is improving now,” Mashael said.

Even with the added support of their communities, the gamers admitted that social media can be difficult to break into and out of.

“Girls are enthusiastic about creating unique content for the world of games, and their numbers are remarkably competitive with international streamers,” said another Twitch gamer, Sami Al-Alwani.

GCON, Saudi Arabia’s Girl Gamers and Development Community, organizes events and tournaments in the electronic games industry and supports the female gamer community.

GCON is encouraging female gamers to join Twitch.