Twitch Streamer MITCHOG Is Left Shocked

Ennan Zapanta December 24, 2021
Twitch Streamer MITCHOG Is Left Shocked

A sizable percentage of the community has a nice collection of shiny Pokemon. These extremely uncommon Pokemon aren’t easy to come by, but you can get a handful if you grind Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. However, the chances of colliding with a shiny Pokemon are quite slim.

Players are compelled to trot across the environment in the hopes of finding a prized sparkly pocket monster, which is where things become interesting. Twitch Streamer MITCHOG was involved in an extremely uncommon encounter that only happens once in a blue moon.

What actually transpired in his stream astounded the Pokemon community. Shiny Pokemon are difficult to get by in the game, and the title doesn’t make them easily accessible. This adds to the uniqueness of the occasion, which necessitated a great deal of patience and hard effort.

A player can only have so many chances to catch a shiny Pokemon before needing a reset. This allows you to replay the same encounter until a shiny Pokemon is discovered.

Mitch stayed true to the grind, putting in 3 hours and a half hours and 107 resets to land this near-impossible encounter. It’s not uncommon to find one shiny through resets, but landing two is nearly hard, yet the Twitch streamer has cracked the technique.

There’s a new rumor circulating in the Pokemon community that shiny Pokemon aren’t what they used to be. These unusual and difficult-to-find Pokemon variations were created with that in mind. The community members have planned complex hunts and found strategies to enhance the odds in reaction to the slow rate of their spawn.

While shiny Pokemon aren’t simple to come by, gamers can obtain their chosen shiny Pokemon with a lot of effort and patience.