Twitch Starts Pinned Chat Experiment

Rose Andres Amiel September 21, 2022
Twitch Starts Pinned Chat Experiment

Several Twitch streamers will soon have access to a brand-new feature that will improve their capacity to interact with their audience through pinned chat messages.

Pinched chat is a feature that producers and moderators may use to take a comment and showcase it at the top of Twitch chat for a prolonged length of time. It was first introduced late last month during a Twitch Patch Notes broadcast. The purpose of the pinned chat is to assist streamers in handling scenarios like answering the same queries from viewers repeatedly. Rather of having to create a command to respond to a question, streamers may just write the command “/pin” followed by a message that they want everyone to view for a while.

The feature was first mentioned as arriving “sometime soon” by reporter Zach Bussey back in July. Screenshots of what Twitch eventually displayed to viewers in August were included in his tweet. 

Twitch did not specify who received access to pinned conversation or how many streamers are taking part in the experiment in a tweet to Twitter this afternoon. Additionally, the platform made no mention of how long the trial will remain or when all users will start seeing pinned conversation. 

Pinned chat messages have a default lifespan of 20 minutes, however broadcasters can modify this lifespan using the Unpin After settings. The message pin time might be anything from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. A author or moderator can also manually unpin messages.