Twitch Pulls Super Seducer Off Its Platform

TwitchAddict April 1, 2021
Twitch Pulls Super Seducer Off Its Platform

Twitch streaming platform have recently decided to remove all the Seducer games from the categories as it has now been listed to be “prohibited.” Super Seducer is an indie FMV/dating sim developed by dating coach Richard LaRuina under the name RLR Training Inc. and co-published by him and Red Dahlia Interactive on Steam on March 6th, 2018. It serves to teach young men how to pick up a date in a video game format. The game somehow managed to get a sequel.

The three games of Super Seducer on twitch have been marked as “erotic” due to Super Seducer 3 having an uncensored version. However, the game’s creator Richard La Ruina posted on twitter arguing that that the first two games should still be allowed on Twitch as he wrote; “Looks like all Super Seducer games removed as Twitch categories. I didn’t want people to stream uncensored SS3 (and the game warns not to), but not sure what that has to do with SS1 & 2. Question: If SS games are not on Twitch’s list of prohibited games then we are okay?”.

This news came after Steam also decided to deny Super Seducer 3 from being listed on its digital distribution service.

Also, according to some tweets, Steam ruled that games can’t contain sexually explicit images of real people in response to Super Seducer 3 being submitted. Regardless, even if this game isn’t for everyone, there is still a lot of people who voiced out their frustrations with Twitch’s decision to shun the game from its platform as they have been showing some screenshots of female streamers from the Just Chatting category which could be described as “erotic” in nature.