Twitch Improvements To Banning Process

Ennan Zapanta May 27, 2022
Twitch Improvements To Banning Process

Twitch has stated that its ban procedure would be overhauled, with a focus on the information provided to streamers following a ban.

Over the last few weeks, the often perplexing process of Twitch bans has been investigated. With the iconic ‘cracker ban’ dominating conversations about what is and isn’t suitable to say(or do), Twitch employees have indicated that they are considering modifying the method to bans. 

With ban appeals making their way into the Twitch space, it’s evident that the staff at Twitch HQ is devoting a lot of time and attention to enforcing their terms of service. Twitch’s VP of trust and safety, Angela Hessian, told the Washington Post that one major change they’re seeking to achieve through this procedure is the addition of video verification when suspensions are handed out. Hessian said: “So we’re looking at how we can attach more details for people to understand — like the video itself. That’s something we’re definitely working on”

Twitch has a reputation for being difficult to contact after a ban, thanks to AI-assisted early detection of TOS violations. Along with the opportunity to appeal, these new improvements will try to provide streamers with more clarification about why they are being punished. With a current drive to remove all ‘sexual content’ from the platform. 

Until now, earning a ban entailed receiving an email pointing out the rules that had been broken, but no description of the activities that had broken the rules. As a result, disinformation about what gets streamers kicked off the network can spread quickly. With YouTube gaming following Twitch and the firm making major gaffes with its biggest streamers, this step toward openness could be just the beginning of a wider trend of open communication from the platform.