Twitch Channel That Only Streams Sumo

Rose Andres Amiel May 24, 2023
Twitch Channel That Only Streams Sumo

Over the past several months, a strange Twitch channel called “MidnightSumo” has grown in popularity.

It is a “professional and amateur sumo wrestling Twitch streamer” that broadcasts replays of professional sumo wrestling matches. This is what we do know. Stream Charts’ data indicates that MidnightSumo has been live streaming sumo events on Twitch since at least 2021. 

However, the channel at the time only aired sporting events live as they were taking place. When MidnightSumo tweeted in March 2023 that his streaming channel “now includes re-runs of professional sumo games running every day,” this situation altered. The proprietor of the channel is a very active member in the stream’s live chat, where he interacts with other viewers who have an interest in the topic while commentating over the sumo footage that the station broadcasts. 

Furthermore, it appears that a sizeable portion of Twitch’s audience is interested in the Japanese sport, since MidnightSumo racked up 224,000 viewers over the course of the previous 28 days, peaking at 1620 concurrent watchers, according to Stream Charts. The LivestreamFail Reddit received a film of one of the wrestlers slapping his opponent in the face. While some viewers talked about the clip’s actual content, others expressed surprise that such video could even be found on Twitch. One of these users commented, “I had no idea this was a thing on Twitch, awesome.”

MidnightSumo is just one of many odd Twitch channels that have garnered a dedicated following; earlier this year, many platform users were very perplexed when PewDiePie’s material started to be shown in reruns.