Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament Hosted By HusKerrs

TwitchAddict October 26, 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament Hosted By HusKerrs

Twitch streamer Jordan Thomas, aka HusKerrs, is a popular Twitch streamer and a top player in the game Warzone. Last month, he was signed as a content creator for NRG Esports. Earlier this year, he announced his retirement from the competitive game Apex Legends and is now streaming at Warzone full time for NRG Esports.

Recently he announced that he would be hosting a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament series with a prize pool of $300,000 called HusKerrs’ Howl which will begin next week in a broadcast via Huskerrs Twitch channel.

The tournament will feature a double elimination bracket that will have teams of two together with two weeks of qualifiers. The first day of the tournament will feature teams playing in the new Zombie Royale mode and the following day will have all 16 teams facing off, followed by the next weekend being split into two days of play featuring two groups of eight teams. Then finally, the third week will feature the grand finals.

Twitch streamer HusKerrs stated; “I’m really pumped for this Halloween tournament. I’m looking forward to all the Warzone players coming out and putting their best foot forward”.