The Top Gta Rp Streamers

TwitchAddict October 2, 2021
The Top Gta Rp Streamers

With the recent surge in GTA RP’s popularity, many streamers have hopped onto the sport and commenced making GTA RP content for his or her audience to enjoy.

These streamers have created goofy characters with ridiculous backstories that audiences love and wish to work out more of.

5) Zerkaa (1,047,581 followers)

Joshua Bradley is an English YouTuber, streamer, and Internet personality who goes by the net moniker Zerkaa and also the pseudonym Josh Zerker.

His main YouTube channel has over four million subscribers and over 600 million video views.

4) Perxitaa (1,954,296 followers)

Perxitaa, also called Jaume Cremades Gradoli, could be a Valencian gamer and youtuber. He’s known for his humor and trolling videos.

3) Loud Coringa (2,374,879 followers)

Victor Augusto, also called Loud Coringa, is an ex-esports player that expanded to GTA RP.

As of 2021, his YouTube channel has 5.57 million subscribers. He began streaming GTA RP and immediately amassed an outsized following.

2) Syndicate (3,127,786 followers)

Thomas George Cassell, also referred to as Syndicate, is an English YouTuber and GTA RP streamer.

He later created a Twitch channel and became the primary user to achieve a meg following in August 2014. Cassell also features a second YouTube channel, lifetime of Tom, where he records vlogs.

1) MontanaBlack88 (4,048,822 followers)

Marcel ‘MontanaBlack88′ Eris may be a German Twitch live streamer. His traumatic history so as to make a detailed relationship along with his audience.

In 2013, the German streamer started the ‘MontanaBlack88′ Twitch channel, which he used for gaming content since he wanted to provide entertainment and cut loose his personal life.