The Morbius247 Shut Down

Ennan Zapanta June 2, 2022
The Morbius247 Shut Down

Morbius was streamed on a Twitch channel, but it was shut down. Morbius247, the account in question, was suspended for violating Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms & Conditions. 

While the exact date of the channel’s inception is unknown, it did manage to amass a few thousand followers throughout its brief existence. In homage to a popular meme associated with the Jared Leto-led superhero flick, several viewers spammed the conversation with the phrase “It’s morbin’ time.” Following its demise, numerous new channels emerged, all of which streamed Morbius in its entirety. 

Fans were quick to mock Sony’s latest installment in the Spider-Man Universe after Morbius was released on digital and Blu-ray. Many derided the title character’s name, suggesting that the Living Vampire “Morbed” his victims, while others focused on a scene in which Lucien Crown (Matt Smitt) danced.

The official Reddit for the film has also become a place for fans to share memes inspired by the film, many of which include the joke “It’s Morbin’ time.” Morbius premiered in early 2022 to nearly unanimously unfavorable reviews from both fans and critics.

The film was lambasted for its weak spectacular effects, uncomfortable performances, and dull premise. Many viewers were disappointed that many of the Spider-Man references, which were prevalent in Morbius’ marketing campaign, were removed from the theatrical version of the film. The choice to eliminate the more blatant allusions to the Wall-Crawler was justified by director Daniel Espinosa, who explained that it was simply part of the filmmaking process.

Espinosa explained; “I mean, it’s funny, because when you do a movie of this sort, there are some people that make the trailer and then you make the movie and when you make a movie, you always cut out things,”

The director clarified that everything kept in the film was intentional, stating “what’s in the movie is what I thought should be in the movie.” 

Morbius tells the story of Dr. Michael Morbius, a bright scientist who is afflicted with a rare blood illness. He tries to combine his DNA with that of a vampire bat in order to cure his condition and turn himself into a vampire. Morbius, driven by a desire to suck blood, must deal with the consequences of his wager while simultaneously bringing down his surrogate brother Lucien alias Milo, who has also developed vampiric skills.