The iiTzTimmy Twitch Subathon

Ennan Zapanta May 20, 2022
The iiTzTimmy Twitch Subathon

Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An of Apex Legends has already surpassed 50,000 Twitch subscribers just a few weeks after launching a “year-long” subathon.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two, you’ve probably heard of a Twitch subathon, with both major and small streamers participating. Each new subscription forces the streamer to continue broadcasting for an extended period of time, with some streamers broadcasting for days or even weeks at a time because to their viewers’ generosity. Apex Legends wizard iiTzTimmy started a subathon with a “year-long” cap to commemorate his 22nd birthday, and he’s already had some decent success with it.

The Apex Legends star began his subathon on April 19 and has quickly climbed the ranks of Twitch’s most-subscribed channels. Timmy is presently ranked sixth overall, with about 55,000 members. That places him behind the likes of xQc, NICKMERCS, and Casimito, the latter of whom presently has over 125,000 subscribers on Twitch. 

While Apex is normally his game of choice, Timmy has been dipping into Valorant, several VR games, and even Bloodhunt over the first few weeks of his subathon. He’s also spent a lot of time in the Just Chatting and Sleeping categories, which is something that happens a lot during subathons. 

Despite countless of efforts, no subathon has yet to surpass Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren’s record of 283,000 subscribers. Timmy will very probably beat EmilyCC’s record for the longest subathon, which stands at 178 days, if he sticks to his “year-long” cap.