Tags Added By Twitch

TwitchAddict May 24, 2021
Tags Added By Twitch

Streaming platform Twitch recently announced that 350 new tags will be added to a variety of social topics for their streamers to add to their videos.

The announcement was made on May 21st. This new addition and tag aims to make Twitch channels more discoverable and enable its streamers to further identify themselves to viewers/audience.

The tags that Twitch adds are related to a variety of cultural and social topics such as race, gender identity and sexual orientation. The list includes phrases black, disabled, veteran, vtuber, ally, trasgender and many more.

According to Twitch, this has been one of the popular requests that they’ve heard and admits that they should have done it sooner. They also said that they intentionally designed the system for its creators so that they will be able to describe what they were streaming, not for what they stood for or who they are.

Twitch added by saying that they will host a live session on Twitch’s official channel on May 26th for users to learn more about the new added tags and said that they will also answer questions regarding it.