Streaming Platform Reached Out To Alinity

Rose Andres Amiel June 4, 2023
Streaming Platform Reached Out To Alinity

Alinity has been contacted by a number of streaming services about joining them after the Twitch star was banned for twerking. 

Since quite some time, Twitch has been facing increasing competition from rivals like Kick, YouTube, and most recently, Rumble. Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon, who was suspended by Twitch for three days on May 30 for twerking on broadcast, lambasted the platform and said she was considering “taking business somewhere else.” Like clockwork, multiple other platforms pitched themselves to the Canadian-Colombian in an effort to persuade her to leave Twitch and join them. 

One of the first to provide Alinity a comment was Rumble, who made reference to how many of the greatest names in streaming have signed on to their platform in some manner. The official account responded, “Join Kai, Speed, Mizkif, JiDion, and Akademiks over at Rumble.”

Alinity, being the astute businesswoman she is, asked them how much they would be willing to pay her, but Rumble didn’t publicly follow up with a figure. There’s a good chance that the two parties are negotiating. Rumble has recently made some significant moves. Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed were hired by the “free speech” platform to produce an exclusive program, which ended up shattering records with its debut episode. Others also contacted Alinity, so they weren’t the only ones. A pitch was also made to Mogollon by Slushy, an adult website similar to OnlyFans that has already collaborated with Amouranth.

They said; “You’re always welcome to stream on Slushy without the risks of getting banned!”

The chess broadcasting sensation Alexandra Botez quickly called on Kick to “make it right” after Alinity called out Twitch for banning her, which made the rival pay attention. Kick did reply to Alinity directly, but they didn’t really have anything to say, just making a response with a “eyes” emoji. It’s unknown if they contacted her informally in order to secure a second exclusive signing, like they did with Rumble. Anyhow, we’ll have to wait and see what Alinity chooses to do. Check out Dexerto’s exclusive chat with Kick executive Akhil Sarin for additional information about Kick.