Streamer Quin69 Spent $25K On Diablo Immortal

Ennan Zapanta June 20, 2022
Streamer Quin69 Spent $25K On Diablo Immortal

Since its initial release at the beginning of the month, Diablo Immortal has become more popular on social media.

To further appeal to the mobile audience, Blizzard even published it early for iOS and Android. However, considering that the game is being slammed for the predatory monetization scheme that forced nations like Belgium and the Netherlands to ban it from the start, the reason Diablo Immortal is receiving so much attention is not entirely positive.

In reality, a lot of gamers actually did the math to determine how likely it is and how long it takes to get endgame gear, and the results are not good. 

In Diablo Immortal, it can take years to completely level up a single character, yet doing the same thing with real money through microtransactions can cost upwards of $100,000. More players than one may have expected seemed to be affected by the entire situation, and the Diablo community even demanded that Diablo Immortal be removed from Reddit domains connected to the first-generation series. 

Quin69, a well-known Twitch streamer, instantly began playing Diablo Immortal while also spending money on it to see how far the character would be pushed and to observe the endgame monetization mechanism firsthand. Quin69 obtained his first 5/5-star Legendary gem in Diablo Immortal today after spending a total of $25,165.57 in New Zealand Dollars, or approximately $15,870.66 in US dollars. 

Five-star gems are meant to be the hardest to obtain in Diablo Immortal, but if it cost Quin over $25k to obtain only one, then it is highly doubtful that anyone will ever obtain many of them. 

Quin eventually obtained the gear, but in response to the game’s monetization, he ended up deleting his character and then completely uninstalling Diablo Immortal from his PC. He continued this protest on Twitch by urging other players to do the same. In Diablo Immortal, Quin’s trip was also meant to provoke thought in order to illustrate the potential effects of video game addiction, particularly with regard to money. 

The Quarry’s multiplayer component was delayed owing to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, thus Quin quickly abandoned Diablo Immortal and began broadcasting a blind playthrough of The Quarry.

Despite Blizzard’s assertion that the odds in the game are generally equal for both free-to-play players and those who pay for it, many viewers thanked Quin for uninstalling Diablo Immortal and exposing its main shortcomings in public.