Streamer Justketh Got Chased

Rose Andres Amiel January 4, 2023
Streamer Justketh Got Chased

Following reports that he was following Justketh, a female Twitch streamer, a man has been detained in Thailand.

IRL streams, for those who don’t know, are live broadcasts of people’s daily lives that are typically streamed on websites like Twitch and YouTube. IRL streams are sometimes compared to reality TV, but there are some important distinctions. For instance, IRL streaming are live and unedited, giving them the realism and rawness that reality TV lacks. However, popular Twitch streamer Emiru’s recent declaration that she has no interest in IRL streaming is evidence that it is not for everyone.

IRL streaming may be amusing, fun, and occasionally even disturbing because you never know what might occur while you’re doing a live show. Occasionally, streamers may act in completely unexpected ways, and this can result in some incredibly funny situations.

Other times, streamers will have to cope with unforeseen circumstances, such as technical issues or unexpected visitors, or perhaps worse events, such as the recent news that Twitch streamer Skill Specs injured his collarbone in a bicycle accident while doing an in-person stream. In a recent incident of this kind, a man chased a Thai woman Twitch streamer named Justketh while she was streaming in a resort. Several videos of the incident have gone popular online, but the one featuring the man chasing Justketh forcefully is drawing the most attention. Justketh claims that the man in the video had requested her company when they were sitting together, and when she declined, he became irritated. He began screaming, ran after her, and even threw her belongings into the hotel pool. When she later reported the event to the police, they detained the man.

This instance is only the most recent in a long line of ones where IRL broadcasters have been bothered or assaulted while broadcasting. A Twitch IRL streamer was allegedly threatened with a knife in Cape Town, South Africa, during a live stream in December 2019. These occurrences serve as a reminder of the risks that real-world broadcasters must deal with on a regular basis.

Any form of harassment should never be tolerated, and steps should always be done to avoid such incidents from occurring in the first place. Nintendo Japan reportedly made the decision in October 2022 to stop fixing devices for consumers who threaten or bully the company’s employees. Due to an increase in complaints of harassment and abuse against Nintendo staff, this decision was made.

Nintendo’s decision to condemn this behavior serves as a wonderful illustration of how companies may deal with harassment head-on.