Sodapoppin Unbanned

Ennan Zapanta May 5, 2022
Sodapoppin Unbanned

After a controversial suspension on April 14th, veteran Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has been unbanned from the platform.

Although the specific reason for the suspension was never established because Twitch does not publicly disclose bans and Sodapoppin did not address it, fans assumed that it was due to a contentious “black face” joke. Soda was putting make-up to a character’s face in a game when he muttered, “hmm, black face,” and then proceeded to make the figure look like a minstrel.

Sodapoppin explained the situation on Reddit, claiming he “didn’t notice how that correlated at the time I was just throwing random make-up on the face.”

“In hindsight, I see how that yea, it’s like an extreme blackface. I didn’t mean for it to get racist sounding/looking as it did but yea this was just me being naive and not realizing how the mouth correlated with the skin etc.”

Unsurprisingly, his account was suspended shortly after the incident, however the length of the suspension was unknown due to Soda’s lack of response. His Twitch channel has been reinstated as of April 28th, indicating that he was forced to take a two-week break and is now free to stream on his partnered account. 

Sodapoppin has been banned several times over his decade on the platform. Most notoriously, he was suspended after a VR Chat session for violating sexual content standards. He responded with a witty apology video that went viral swiftly. Although Twitch seldom suspends long-time, established streamers permanently, streamers who receive several suspensions run the possibility of being permanently suspended. 

Sodapoppin will have to be careful not to break the community guidelines again, or he could face a much longer suspension or possibly an indefinite ban.