Shroud Taking Break From New World

TwitchAddict October 30, 2021
Shroud Taking Break From New World

With the launching of New World last month, Amazon took a significant step forward in the game business. The popular MMORPG title debuted with a bang on September 28th, and players have flocked to it ever since, hailing it as a breath of fresh air in the MMO genre.

It has a sizable fanbase, including well-known streamer Shroud, who has been playing it on his channel since its release. However, it appears like Shroud has finally reached burnout levels with the game, as he disclosed some disappointing news to followers who have loved watching him play the game on his channel during a recent stream.

One of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Shroud has revealed that he will no longer be streaming Amazon’s latest release, New World. During his stream, he stated that he has spent a lot of time playing the MMO title. Even though he enjoys playing the game, he mentioned that he might take a week off. He said; “I looked at my hours, and it was insane. New World literally broke me.”‘

Since the game’s release on September 28th, Shroud has put in over 300 hours. The former Mixer streamer has only played the game on his channel, and he has strayed from his usual fare of FPS games like Valorant and others in order to do so.

Fans have admired his unique take on the MMORPG genre with New World, and many will be disappointed to learn that their favorite broadcaster will be leaving it.

Shroud also stated that despite taking a break, he will continue to spend a significant amount of time on New World. However, he stated that the developers must address many of the issues that have arisen, such as bugs and exploits, which have become widespread. If the devs don’t want players to abandon New World, Shroud previously claimed that they must find out an ending.

He added; “The amount I was playing that game, and the amount I will still continue playing that s*** game. I’m kidding. I love New World. But there are so many bugs and exploits, and it doesn’t stop.”

According to recent statistics, the game has lost a significant number of players in recent weeks. The game, as Shroud noted, has a slew of difficulties, and if Amazon wants the game to thrive, the devs must get their act together.