Shroud Takes On GTA V NoPixel Server

TwitchAddict September 7, 2021
Shroud Takes On GTA V NoPixel Server

Former CS:GO pro player Shroud, who is now a Twitch star, hasn’t played GTA V roleplay on the NoPixel server in quite some time. Despite the wishes of some of his viewers, the Canadian is likely to keep it that way.

Even though he’s complained about the server’s rules in the past, it’s not because he dislikes them. It’s more to do with how some of the players act. The RP part, Shroud believes, isn’t serious enough for him to enjoy.

He said that he can’t stand the players’ environment and that it bothers him because he’d like to do something a little more realistic like treating the character like, not letting it die and that he has to follow some rules or something along those lines. Just take it more seriously.

Shroud specifically complained about streamers taunting the server’s cops while they’re in the middle of an investigation, claiming that NoPixel should ban these players because it’s extremely unlikely that someone would mess with the cops in real life. “I despise it so much because everyone is acting like they’re in a clown show,” Shroud said.

NoPixel is arguably one of the most popular GTA V RP servers, especially with big names like xQc frequenting the server. Many fans join as well in order to play with their favorite streamers.