Shroud Reacts to DJ ZeDD X Valorant’s Epic Bundle

TwitchAddict September 9, 2021
Shroud Reacts to DJ ZeDD X Valorant’s Epic Bundle

Riot Games teased a unique collaboration with Dj ZeDD prior to the Act 2 update of Valorant and the collaboration is without a doubt, has produced a fantastic weapon bundle that features fantastic music by the prominent EDM artist Dj ZeDD. Because of this, Twitch star Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud shares his thoughts stating that it is so “fucking cool”.

It is a well-known fact among the gaming world that the popular EDM artist ZeDD is really good at Valorant. He also streams the game on Twitch and has also attained the respectable rank of Immortal and anyone with a rank above Immortal eligible for professional play.

During a recent stream, Twitch star Shroud has offered his thoughts on the collaborative set that definitely upped Valorant’s cosmetic game. It turns out that this bundle won him over with the beautiful weapon designs, music, and a dazzling finisher.

Shroud liked the concept and everything it offered. However, while ZeDD is really good at Valorant, Shroud believes that this had nothing to do with the current collaboration. He thinks that Riot Games did not approach ZeDD because of his streams, but instead, it was because of his amusing music.

Here’s what he said; “That’s So F***g Cool, Oh My God. That’s cool, so I know he’s not like, what makes that collaboration really cool is music, right? But, I wonder if this is their way of slowly trying to collaborate with other people, or is it strictly just, does it strictly just work really well with Zedd because of its music, I am not sure, it’s cool.”