Shroud Criticizes Claims That Twitch Will Fall

TwitchAddict September 3, 2021
Shroud Criticizes Claims That Twitch Will Fall

Twitch star Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud has hit out at claims that Twitch will die following the biggest streamers leaving the platform as he stated that Twitch won’t die because there’s always going to be someone else to take the spot of the views.

There’s been a lot of talk about the future landscape of streaming after two of Twitch’s largest creators, Dr Lupo and Timthetatman, both signed contracts to stream exclusively on YouTube. Aside from them, Twitch streamer Ludwig has also hinted that it was just the beginning as there’s going to be more streamers who will make a move on the rival platform.

Because of this, the battle for supremacy in the streaming world between Twitch and YouTube Gaming has taken a surprising turn. Some people seem to think that it’s the endgame for Twitch and that Twitch is on the verge of being overtaken by YouTube as the number one streaming platform for gamers. Some even fear it could be the beginning of the end, claiming it could die. However, one of the biggest Twitch stars Shroud has laughed off the claims stating that Twitch won’t die because there is always somebody to replace them.

During his recent stream, Shroud responded to a chat message asking whether he thinks Twitch is gonna die if big streamers go on to move to YouTube. He immediately responds saying; “No. There’s always going to be someone else to take the place of the views.” Shroud continued to explain that while some viewers will follow that streamer to the new platform, some will stay. He also says that the platform is too big and popular to be affected.

Shroud then continued comparing Twitch’s model to YouTube’s video service strengthening his argument that while there could very well be a competitor for Twitch on the horizon, the service dying extremely is extremely unlikely.

Twitch is still the largest streaming website on the internet with its biggest rival being YouTube. Competition is healthy, and with YouTube expanding its endeavors into the streaming space, it should result in new additions to both platforms.