Raft – Epic Ocean Adventure

TwitchAddict November 24, 2020
Raft – Epic Ocean Adventure

The PC game Raft is making a splash this year. The game is an epic ocean adventure where you and your friends can play together. This game has had overwhelming reviews and positive comments.

Raft was originally created in 2018 and was developed by Redbeet Interactive, and published by Axolot Games. The game was loved by many Twitch streamers and players. It presently has 600,000 followers.

Many players are wowed by the game with the developer promising to expect more. There will be more to come once the development is complete.

Redbeet said; “The Early Access version introduces a solid foundation for Raft. Now with your support, we plan to build an even more unique and exciting experience filled with fun moments and perilous adventure”.

“First, we plan to dust off our compasses and embark on an epic quest with the introduction of landmarks; players will gather clues, set their coordinates and raft towards mysterious destinations! Players will discover stranded ships, sunken cities and caverns filled with treasure, including blueprints for crafting”. new weapons and equipment! Additional wildlife and other dangers will bring more challenge and new ways to defend your raft. You might even discover a stray animal to accompany you on your journey…

“Equally exciting is our plan to offer players complete creative freedom in Creative Mode, a relaxing experience where supplies are unlimited and danger all but removed. Coupled with Steam Workshop integration, Creative Mode will allow you and your friends to really express your craftsmanship together! Above all, we promise to use the Early Access period to listen to you and your feedback in order to develop Raft towards a combined vision.”

You can check all the fuss about the trending game in their social lmedia accounts and you can also folow them on their Twitch account.