Pokimane Viral Tweet

TwitchAddict October 5, 2021
Pokimane Viral Tweet

Twitch star Imane Anys aka Pokimane and her personal life have drawn the attention of her fans as one of the most popular content creators on Twitch. Because she is the most sought-after broadcaster, her followers are naturally concerned about her relationship status and frequently ask about it in her Twitch chat or YouTube comments.

Pokimane decided to put an end to any rumors about her being in a relationship in March 2021 with a tweet that nearly broke the internet. The tweet went viral unexpectedly, with over 277k likes and over 6k retweets. But it wasn’t until recently that the public learned why Pokimane sent out the tweet.

Pokimane reacted to several ‘thirst’ tweets she had gotten from her followers in a YouTube video she posted on October 5, 2021. Throughout the video, she did, however, come across an old tweet: “single btw.” She acknowledged that the tweet had gone “viral” and explained why she had sent it. And it turns out, the purpose of Pokimane’s tweet was to “reclaim power.”

Pokimane got fed up with the concept that all the news about her was about her being shipped with other streamers, so she tried to reclaim authority.

She did so by announcing that she was single and not interested in dating anyone anytime soon. She did, however, clarify that she was not required to talk about her relationship status all of the time.

Here’s what she stated; “There was this whole thing like two years ago where people were saying Poki boyfriend this, Poki boyfriend that. I was like, you know what? I’m going to reclaim my power. Single btw, and I’m making it clear. That doesn’t mean I need to talk about my relationship status all the time.”

Pokimane has been shipped with a number of broadcasters in the past, including xQc, Corpse Husband, and even Sykkuno. Pokimane was also just recently shipped with fellow streamer Mizkif after his long-term lover, Maya Higa, broke up with him.

Pokimane and Mazkif have spent a lot of time together recently. Mizkif even said that one of the main reasons he was considering relocating to Los Angeles was because of his podcast with Pokimane. Neither Mizkif nor Pokimane have yet to comment on the rumors. However, based on Pokimane’s explanation, it’s evident that her popular tweet had no deeper meaning or importance. She wanted to make it clear that she was single and uninterested in dating.