Pokimane Talks About Dating A Much Older Man Than Her

Rose Andres Amiel May 21, 2023
Pokimane Talks About Dating A Much Older Man Than Her

Imane “Pokimane,” a Twitch sensation, joined her broadcasting friends to play Valorant on her channel after she got back from her trip to South Korea.

The content creator hosted a brief Just Chatting segment prior to the first game of the day, during which she discussed her opinion of Dua Lipa dating Romain Gavras. The incident intrigued Pokimane, who pondered whether she would ever date someone “much older” than her. The Moroccan-Canadian personality displayed interest as the conversation went on by saying: “So, I’m so curious… what that even entails, or is like.”

Pokimane previously commented on pop artist Dua Lipa dating Roman Garvars while live on her station, saying: “Yo! Okay… the reason I was like (the streamer gasps)… is because… I never knew this. But, Dua Lipa is 27. She is a year older than me. And she’s dating a guy who’s 41. Which is interesting because it makes me think, like… would I date a guy who’s 41?”

The streamer started to read her audience’s feedback. Others tweeted a mathematical calculation, while others declared they would date a 41-year-old. Imane read this and answered: “‘I would date a girl who’s 41.’ Are you in your 20s? ’41/2 + 7 = 27.’ Okay, I know there’s this like, equation for what is acceptable. I’m not talking about what’s acceptable because… it’s not a crazy age difference. It just got me thinking, like, ‘I could be dating someone who’s 40!’

The Los Angeles-based personality went on to say that she “never crossed her mind” to date someone considerably older than her: “‘Past like 25, who cares?’ No, no! I agree! I’m not saying I care. I’m saying… it’s never crossed my mind and I’ve never… I’ve actually never even had a close girlfriend, who dated, like, a much older man.” 

Pokimane expressed interest in what it entailed in a relationship like this as the conversation came to an end.